12 Free Range Eggs

12 Free Range Eggs

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12 Free Range eggs from The Old Farm, Happy Valley.


The best eggs we have ever had!


The Old Farm is family owned and operated by Diego and Georgia. They have intertwined the traditional with the modern to bring you a service that produces the best quality eggs you can find. Their chickens are pastured and free to roam the beautiful and luscious surrounds of Happy Valley, located only 95 kilometres north of Melbourne.


Their free range chickens are fed with the finest quality organic materials that are free of soy, GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and medications.
They roam their spacious farm and graze on the five different types of grass that have been planted especially to ensure that their chickens are living as close to their natural environment as possible.


We know you and your family will absolutely love them.


To find out more - visit: http://www.theoldfarmhappyvalley.com.au/



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    Photography by Armelle Habib

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